How to make something worthwhile?

My biggest mistake in the last 2 years has been to avoid the fact that all great things start from the fundamentals. In this fast-paced world, we tend to forget the most basic, minute details about a technology or whatever we are creating. I have also encountered this strange behavior of “over innovating” on a product that is creating a product just for the sake of opening up something. In my humble opinion, need drives innovation that in turn drives an idea cultivated into a product. Another mistake I have made in these years is following up on a trend. If a trend is upcoming then it does not mean that it is good. For example, let’s say everyone is using Python, and seeing that I learn Python does not mean that learning it would help me in my endeavors. To conclude, we should stick with the basics as some of the most complex ideas in this universe are simple but not simple enough due to the fact that fundamentals ideas are inbuilt into them.


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